BBN: Liquorose : Emmanuel Betrayed Me


Emmanuel Betrayed me Says Liquorose.Liquorose stated that she doesn’t want her name to be mentioned together with Emmanuel. That she has no feelings for him and they have no relationship as we all speculated.

This concept of Liquorose having feelings for emmanuel all started when she was asked to choose a male housemate to give French Kiss him for five seconds in a truth dare game where she chose Emmanuel which she game him a French kiss.

Recall Liquorose had earlier said she was not interested in having any relationship in the house.

Liquorose confronted Emmanuel in a diary session on Tuesday for suspecting her as one of the Wildcards, an action which dented their friendship.During the discussion, Liquorose made it plain that she isn’t in a relationship with Emmanuel as earlier speculated, but she wanted to be sure of Emmanuel’s feelings towards her.

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According to Liquorose she has forgiven him, but she can’t let go of the fact that a trusted friend as Emmanuel, whom she opened up to, could betray her like that. The lady stated that Emmanuel claimed to love her but ganged up against her and didn’t mention anything about it despite staying up for 3 hours.

Many would argue that it is unfair that Emmanuel claimed to like her but picked her as a wild card despite knowing that she would be evicted if it was true.

However, it would have been more polite if Liquorose discussed her issues with Emmanuel privately instead of dragging him in the presence of other housemates.

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