Lokoja Water Situation; Human Rights Organization Calls For Immediate Remover Of Water Resources Commissioner


The Executive Director of Conscience for Human Rights and Conflicts Resolution (CHRCR) Comrade Idris Miliki Abdul has called for the immediate remover of Kogi State Commissioner for Water Resources Hon Abdumumuni Danga owing to the failure to provide portable water supply for the residents of lokoja in the last six months. Comrade Miliki in a press release stated that
“We call for the immediate remover of the Commissioner of Water Resources in Kogi State, as he has fail in the basic responsibility to make water available to the people of Kogi State. Water is everywhere in Lokoja, and there is none to drink as people suffer daily looking for water to drink, as the government put in place fails to provide water for them. We wonder how much it will take to maintain the water facility that we have and make it available for people?”

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Since the flood that ravage Kogi State and Lokoja in particular in 2022, which is more than three months now. The people of Lokoja have not enjoyed water, which is one of the basic responsibility of any government at all level. Despite the Billions used to establish the current water facility by the previous government. The current government has fails to extend the water to various communities and could not even maintain it and make it available to the people that brought it into power.

No Single senatorial district can boost of water provided by Kogi State Government and yet we suffer yearly flood.

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Making water available to citizens is moral, religious and constitutional reasonability of any government, State or Federal. It is ridiculous and unbelievable, despite the location of River Niger and Benue in Lokoja the state Headquarters, water has become an issue. A government that fails to provide water for its citizens cannot proof to have provided adequate welfare for the people that brought them into power.

*Idris Miliki Abdul*
Executive Director,
Conscience for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution (CHRCR),
Lokoja, Kogi State.

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