Christian Enlightenment Network Says It Will Vote Only Candidates With Interest of Brethren in 2023


The Christian Enlightenment Network, Kogi State Branch has called on Christians to vote for candidates who will lead the nation out of the predicament that the nation is currently facing today.

Rev. Aina Charles Abraham (JP), the Convener of Christian Enlightenment Network, Kogi State Branch, made the call after a meeting of the Network held at Bigg Brothers Hotel Lokoja, said the network is more concerned about the interest of brethren and the capability of the Candidates an jostling to represent the people and not sentiments.

The Convener observed that the Network would as time goes on carry out an assessment of the all the Candidates and come up with the conclusion on the silent issues.

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The Christian Enlightenment Network, Kogi State Branch said they will go with candidates who are out to protect the interest of brethren, described 2023 politics as one that is about interest.

The Christian Enlightenment Network, Kogi State Branch said it would continue to enlighten christian brethren on the voting process, described holding the PVC without knowing how to use it as same as holding an AK47 but not knowing what it is meant for.

The Christian Enlightenment Network, Kogi State Branch said it would go for candidates that will protect the faith of brethren, described 2023 as a defining moments for the church, reason why the enlightenment has become necessary.

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Speaking on the road map and strategy for faith based organization in 2023, the Convener hold strongly that the need to inform and enlighten brethren to know the rightful candidates to be voted for in all election in 2023 has become sacrosanct, said the time for the country to move beyond sentiments and vote candidates who will protect the interest of christians lies in voting for the right Candidates.

While pointing out that the Christian Community in Kogi State needs sincere awareness, said the Christian Enlightenment Network owe it a duty not to fold its hands, but to wake up to the responsibilities by informing brethren about latest development in the nation’s electoral act, the Biomodal Voter Accreditation System and every steps before during and after the elections.

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