A group, Common Sense Promoter (CSP) has called on delegates from Kogi West within the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) not to vote on the line of sentiment but rather vote on the line of competence and reliability.

The group who made this known in a statement on Tuesday revealed that with the current political situation in Nigeria, any one who will represent the zone at the senate must be someone who will not lower the bar of representation has presently adjudged by the present occupant of Senator Smart Adeyemi.

Spokesman of the group, Yahaya Adams in the statement said it is absurd to jettison competence and elect a candidate whose only credential is about ‘Yagba Agenda’; stressing that the senate is far beyond a sectional agenda.

“We want to say emphatically that, our Senatorial District, which is Kogi West Senatorial District, needs someone who can adopt a distinctly approach to legislating.

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“In the history of the State since 2007, there has never been a time that Yagba has not featured in the senate race. In 2007 a Yagba man was an aspirant in the ruling party PDP. In 2011 they were aspirants in almost all the major parties. Same for 2015. Down to the last election, Toyin Akanle was still in the race, so where is the zoning arrangement?”

The group who alluded to the fact that the PDP is leaving their presidential ticket open, while the APC is also considering the same, said the electorates must understand that every zones is considering competence beyond any other mundane issues at the present political time.

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“We want a Senator who would bring the people of his constituency out of total penury through the provision of jobs, both at the State and the federal level.

“We do not want a lawmaker who gains pleasure in abusing his governors and has no respect for constituted authority.

“We want a Senator who can attract more government dividends to their districts, always represent their constituents’ interests and needs when participating in the legislative process.

“A senator must be someone that possessed enough clout for the office, he/she must be intellectually mobile, who has national and international connection, who is well read, who has exposure and has good expository. Someone who is eloquent and have good command of English.

“Kogi West cannot afford to have a stammerer or someone who ‘murder english’ at slightest provocations.

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“When we crunched the data, we found out that the present occupant, Senator Smart Adeyemi has performed well and has raised the bar of representation. He has shown capacity to take on committee assignments that reflect the interests and demands of his districts. He has introduced more bills related to policy in areas that are important to his constituents.

“Therefore, if and when the zone we change him (Adeyemi), it must certainly be with someone who can either raise the bar beyond him or match his level of intellect and performance.

“We therefore urged the delegates to consider competence, intellectualism, merits and eloquence far beyond sectionalism in their choice of candidate.”

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