International Women’s Day 2022: It’s Not Just A Man’s World, It’s A Woman’s World Too – Dr Nkeiruka Onyejeocha


The potentials of a woman to turn things around both at home and at workplace is limitless. This makes it very important for every man and woman of goodwill to commit to the struggle to ensure a woman becomes ALL she is created to be.

And so anyone who mean well for our dear country must reflect on the recent failed attempt to properly position the Nigerian woman through legislative means. The statistics are bad.

But even though the outing was disappointing, one must remain undaunted knowing that the advantages of a women-friendly socio-political environment are too numerous to let go of. Women in Nigeria deserve to be allowed a level playing field.


As the world celebrates the International Women’s Day today, let us remember that we OWE a huge debt to the Nation for failing to remove the roadblocks stacked before and against the Nigerian women.

Despite all, we must sincerely appreciate all the supporters and promoters of the He-for-She. It is my hope that you never get tired of pressing for what is right for our nation and for the world.

I am optimistic that women themselves will continue to stay united and unrelenting in their demands for their rights. 2023 is around the corner, it is a good time for us to be strategic with who becomes what in the coming elections.

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More importantly, the fire of discipline on home front must not dim. Our homes must be a good model of the society that we want to see.

God bless our women. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria

Hon Barr Nkeiruka Onyejeocha, PhD
Deputy Chief Whip
House of Representatives

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