Nappads president congratulates the newly elected Kogi state polytechnic S.U.G


The president public administration KSP chapter rejoice with the newly elected S.U.G

I write to show my utmost felicitation for your well deserve position attained today been 5th of June 2021.

Comrade Toluwalase you have proven worthy of your capability and likewise given the department a room to rejoice as the 001 of the institution is from public administration the legacy has not left us because you fought to have it to our department, this tenure of leadership will all be for public administration because we are born to rule as administrators your victory will bring victory to others yet to emerge in their various aspiring position.

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I president of Nappads 001 public administration will work tirelessly to ensure a smooth run of your administration using my office as a tool to support you.

Please the modus operandi of your operations should be the one that will favor the students as you are there to serve them.

To my conclusion I deed say you have been a loyalist and I pray you reign to meet with your target by uplifting the campus….

From the desk of 001 Nappads president and the entire executives we say” congratulations”.

Keep the spirit high as we are focusing ahead.

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