The Executive Chairman of Ofu Local Government, Hon. Amodu Ibrahim today took proactive steps toward bringing to an end a lingering land conflict between the traditional rulers of Iga-ojo Ajonojo.

Speaking during the peace meeting, one of the parties, Chief Marven Onalo Edibo recalled his ugly experience of attack by armed men during an annual land Festival held early this year in the area. He alleged that the miscreants were sponsored by one Chief Muhammed Nuhu Achem whom he said has always wrestled land ownership with him. He added that a report of an attempted murder on his life was lodged at Idah Area Police Command.

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On his part, Chief Muhammed Nuhu Achem denied the allegation, noting that on the very day of the festival, he was battling with health challenges that took him outside the community.


The Onu of Aloji and district head, Chief Muhammed Usman Achimugwu thanked the Executive Chairman for his prompt response to curbing what would have resulted in loss of lives. While pointing out that the discovery of mineral resources on the land has been the reason for the conflict, the bided Chief appealed to the Council Chairman to apply wisdom in saving the area from looming crisis.


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In his response, the Executive Chairman appreciated the traditional rulers for putting aside their differences to appear before him to halt the rift for peace to reign. The Chairman urged both parties to shelve their swords. He said that the company’s presence will with time engender social and economic development for their communities if they give peace a chance.


Hon. Amodu promised to pay for all damages lynched by hoodlums on the day of attack.


While encouraging the chiefs to be happy and work towards the development of their domains, Hon. Amodu advised the parties to return to their communities and work assiduously for peace and oneness.



He ordered that, henceforth, proceeds from the mining site shall be collected by the two traditional rulers and the Local Government Authority.

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