Pa Omolayole – The priority of Politicians priority should be citizens’ wellbeing, not the next election

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Dr. Michael Omolayole, the very first original chairman of Lever Brothers, now Unilever Plc, advised Nigerian politicians not to worry so much about elections than with the betterment of the citizens and the nation’s general growth.

A week after the Edo State governorial election, that saw hundreds or even thousands of security agents mobilized to the state, his comment came as an approach yet taken to curb the multiple instances of crime, abduction and banditry in certain parts of the country.

Pa Omolayole, who was CIPM ‘s first president and the founder of the OML sequence, proceeded to call on civil society to talk about these issues respectfully and regularly.

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He also asked wealthier Nigerians to set up “Think Tanks” and reputable polling firms to allow government and rival politicians to understand the nation’s condition.


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