What do Fish Eat in Sea and Ocean?

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The sea is an immense mass of water, now and then quiet, in some cases fomented by a tempest.

It shrouds endless types of plants and creatures that researchers have not even completely examined.

Today we will zero in on the species we know and figure out how they get their food in these waters. Continue perusing to see how and what do fish eat in the sea.

What do Fish Eat?

You have a fish that is also your pet. You only give that fish just Spinach and lettuce. just imagine that you eat only Rice and stew for a year isn’t that boring.

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Well, we are discussing what do fish eat so you can give your pet fish different types of food.

Before going into that we will have to look at what fish eat in the ocean.

Classifications Fish based on what they eat.

Meat Eaters/ Carnivores Fish

Some fish only feed on Meat those once are called meat-eaters.

The Meat eaters are carnivores in nature. They don’t eat any type of Vegetation or Algae.

They feed on smaller fish and animals like frogs, mice, snakes, insects, small fish, crayfish, frogs, worms/leeches, and mice.

Examples of those fish are Rainbow Trout, Walleye, Apistogramma fish, etc.

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Herbivorous Fish

Those fish that feed on only Plant and vegetation are called Herbivorous.

These Kinds of Fish only eat Herbivorous. They don’t eat meat.

They feed on Algae and other kinds of Vegetation in the sea. Examples of Herbivorous Fish we have Acanthurus, Brown Tang, clown surgeonfish, Acanthurus lineatus, etc.

Omnivorous Fish

Omnivorous fish eat both Carnivores and Herbivorous which means that they can eat both Meat and Vegetation/plant.

Examples of Herbivorous Fish include Freshwater Fish, Barb, Freshwater angelfish, etc.


What do fish eat? was what we discussed and we were able to identify what they eat and how they are grouped.

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