FG Apologize to Nigerians over asking them to Re-register

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F G apologises for Requesting all of Bank, other Accounts holders to re-register
The authorities have apologised for requesting all accounts holders from the nation’s banking institutions to enroll their details.

COODED NEWS reports that the F-G earlier in the day asked all accounts holders banks,  insurance company to submit and fill a Self-Confirmation form.

The arrangement was granted Regardless of them having access to Bank Verification Number and also the National Identification Number of Account-holders on Thursday.

Failure to abide by the this will draw sanctions that might include financial punishment or inability to control the accounts.

Filling another Self-Confirmation form, inspite of the present BVN and NIN, had drawn condemnations on social media.

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The government twitted yesterday, “We apologise for the misleading tweets (currently deleted) that circulated yesterday, concerning the filling and submitting of the self-certification forms by Reportable Persons.


The message in this @firsNigeria Notice will not apply for everyone.


At a media announcement, the Federal Inland Revenue Service clarified that just “reportable persons” are required to fill out and submit this form.

The announcement, “it will be to describe the book to get finance institutions account holders in Nigeria to finish the self-certification form, agreeing to the Revenue Tax (Frequent Reporting Standard) Regulations 20-19 that can be for its fulfilment of Automatic Exchange of Information Prerequisites.

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“The self-certification form is to become administered to Reportable persons holding account in Financial institutions which can be considered as”Reportable finance institutions” under the CRS.

“Reportable person in many cases are nonresidents. Along with other persons that have a house for tax purposes at more than country


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