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Our attention has been drawn to a write up, aimed at smearing the rising popularity of Asiwaju Asiru Idris, a feat he garnered through hard work, transparency, as a quintessential politician and public servant.

We ordinarily would have allowed those who are afraid of the future, and who see the acceptance of Hon. Asiwaju Asiru Idris as a night mare to continue to live in there fear.

But we are forced to just in few words let the mischief makers know that there continued attempt at thinking they are wanting to bring down an acclaimed performer, only helps soaring his high rising profile.

Without much ado, very simple and humane Asiwaju Asiru Idris as we know would rather than dessipate energy on mundane issues, concern himself with thinking Kogi and working loyally, towards ensuring that the present administration of Gov. Yahaya Bello meets the yearning and aspirations of Kogi People.

Without wanting to drag ourselves in the mud like those evil men and like the pigs Olorunsuwa Elijah Ola who writes from Lokoja and his ilks represent. It is safe to say that Asiwaju Asiru Idris, as Commissioner for Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, working under the leadership of Gov. Yahaya Bello, has brought a new lease of life as Commissioner in the Ministry.

Under the Gov. Bello’s administration, it is safe to say that Kogi State rating in terms of Transparency, and Accountability has earned the state commendations nationally and internationally. We therefore live Asiwaju Asiru Idris’s traducers to continue in there retrogressive thinking as the state is better off in terms of financial management, due process and transactions.

For those sponsoring Olorunsuwa Elijah Ola, it is not out of place to state that they have a dead conscience. Ordinarily no right thinking person or persons would speak evil of the efforts by Gov. Yahaya Bello’s in carrying out a staff audit which saw the state saving millions of naira annually, with unintended beneficiaries weeded out of the Kogi State payroll.

This efforts has since seen more persons engaged in the services of the state, with more dividends of democracy now enjoyed across the state, courtesy of the new Direction Administration.

Without mincing words, the state today is better off in terms of a clean bill and slate in knowing the number of staffers and how much is paid as wage bill by the state.

That the state had a committee of trusted men to carry out the audit, and without the knowing of the likes of Olorunsuwa Elijah Ola and his sponsors, tells the world who they are, nothing but enemies of the Gov. Yahaya Bello’s administration.

We are however aware that the fear of 2023 and what the Almighty Allah would do in the lives of men is reason behind the mischievous write up aimed at smearing the hard earned reputation of Asiwaju Asiru Idris.

We are however consoled that the Young, mobile, intellectually sound and acknowledge Technocrat has continued to remain concerned about the present, working with Gov. Yahaya Bello to make Kogi State a shining example. So we allow the evil men sponsoring Olorunsuwa Elijah Ola to live in there fallacies as at the appropriate time, they will die with there fears of what Almighty God wants to make out of Asiwaju Asiru Idris.

For those who have followed up with the person of Asiwaju Asiru Idris. He is never fillipant and has Never mentioned about wanting the entire leadership of a particular district and what he wants to become in the coming years.

We therefore urge those who are afraid of the future and think you can struggle leadership to wait for what Almighty Allah would do. We urge the people to disregard the the failed attempt of there monsters clothed in sheep skin and think they are humans.

We would like to state that the relationship between Asiwaju Asiru Idris and his people and other parts of the state at large is symbolized in his acceptable across the length and breadth of the state. We therefore want to state that no name calling, trying to state none existing Appointment claimed to have been influenced by him in the sinister write up by Olorunsuwa Elijah Ola would lower the bar of acceptance of the people of the person of Asiwaju Asiru Idris.

As a man who believes in equity, justice and fairness, we urge Asiwaju Asiru Idris to remain focus, continue his good works, as no amount of blackmail, campaign of calamny should distract you. It is not an exaggeration that he has earned for himself to the name of Mr. Empowerment, because of his efforts in touching lives.

The future if we must tell those behind the mischievous efforts to smear the image of the Commissioner for Finance, Budget and Economic Planning is in the hands of the Almighty Allah and we make bold to state that Asiwaju Asiru Idris has performed excellently well in the present administration, reasons why he was reappointed and the confidence the Governor has in him and his wide acceptance by his people.

We live the evil men who are running from pillar to post to be Judged by there conscience as the purpose of the writer and write up by Olorunsuwa Elijah Ola, has failed, would fail and will continue to fail.

For Asiwaju Asiru Idris, those who Almighty Allah has made, ordinary men cannot pull down.

We conclude by handing over the writer and his sponsors to the hands of Almighty Allah for a change of mind as we rest our case.


Malik Sule Fatai

Shitil Lawal Femi

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